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W9116 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 5 1915
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Buckingham, Quebec
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton

My dearest Calvin,

I returned from Toronto only yesterday at five o'clock after four very full days. Went on Monday morning and then to Dr. Capon in the afternoon. On Yonge St. met Janie James who asked me to come up. So as I had to return to Dr. C. on Wednesday arranged to go up to tea the same evening. Tuesday we had our all day Board Meeting; we always have lunch which very much refreshes us. Miss May Brodie of Montreal happened in, she is the Cor. Sec. of Quebec Provincial. She was speaking to me about you, having heard you were in B. I understood that a brother-in-law was at one time minister near there. She seems a very nice girl. After the meeting went to little Mary Taylor's for 5 o'clock tea (she had previously rung me up on the phone). Amy is very poorly and poor little Mary is very much troubled how to help her, with that disagreeable Jean McKeddie around. Mrs. Carey and Gertrude had been down and they had all been out at the camp and seen Will Carey drill his own company. They suffer everything at the prospect of his leaving for the front.

On Wednesday morning Maggie and I went down to the warehouse and I was able to get pillow-casing for just half the price and table-napkins. In the afternoon had the dentist's and my visit to the James, they all inquired for you of course. Mrs. James was looking very well, Mary much better and Janie too. Lillie had just returned a wreck from talking to her 60 women. Willie's business is picking up a little, but poor Nellie is wearing glasses. They seem to be living according to Rules, for young ladies retired to bed at 9 o'clock making Nellie go too. Of course I left as soon as possible after-wards, tho' they assured me Mrs. James and Willie always sat up till 10 & 11.

Next day shopped in the morning and came home in afternoon. The weather was fine and bright but a March wind. By the way I got Prof. Law's last book "The Emotions of Jesus" just a small book. Shall I post it if you would like it right away or send it with H.[Hilda]. She is planning to come down at Easter; but I have just been inquiring and we are afraid that the time is very short, they said to call up later, but I am afraid they won't give the 10 days as we had hoped. We have just inquired ordinary fare but I can quite well afford to send her anyway so you can arrange what time would suit you best. We have our Prov. Annual here the first week of May, and if you did not feel the need of being cheered up and fed up, perhaps she had better not go till after our meeting. But she will go sooner if you would like her. Willie and Maggie of course inquired particularly for you and all the James family did so too.

You will see that poor Gourlay Colquhoun is missing. We are so anxious about him, always very fond of him, but we trust he will turn up alright. Poor Norman Leslie too with that dreadful diphtheria, otherwise the condition of affairs seems most encouraging. You would think the Germans here just bereft of their reason, when they urged Turkey into the war. Did you see the list of Toronto doctors going? Our doctors too Dr. Osborne among others. It will be a fine change for them and a great experience.

I hope you got through the Communion service with satisfaction. It was very encouraging to have so many join for the first time. I am very thankful you have some pleasant, hospitable people. At Knox Church, Toronto they had been hearing Mrs. Booth Clibborn for two weeks revival services, she had $1200 for that time. I looked at Sylvester Horne's book "The Romance of Reaching" but I was not sure of of it's being much use but if you would like it let me know before May 1st or any other book. Have to go to Toronto again on April 1st so I can get anything. Hilda expects to go down next week to Mary Taylor's for a few days, if you need anything for house. Well, I must close now or this letter will not reach you to-morrow. With much love from all, ever dearest Calvin.

Your loving mother

M. B. McQuesten

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